Preparing For Your Dissertation Defense:General Guidelines

It would be nice if once you have submitted your dissertation, you were actually finished with the project. However, that is not how the process works. Once finished you have to wait for your argument to be scheduled. As you wait, you will want to prepare your responses to the committee. The school will decide who sits on the committee and it will also decide if you know the members before the argument or not. There are general guidelines that you can use in order to prepare for your dissertation defense.

Defense Preparation Tips and Suggestion

  • Videos-there are many tutorial videos to be found in the store and online. Before you begin to watch and use one of these videos, verify that the producer is credible. The best ones are those that were created by reputable schools. You can go to the school media center and check-out some of these videos if you wish.
  • Your faculty dissertation advisor-your advisor should have worksheets, documents, and advice for you. Some advisors have created a preparation handbook for candidates. Meet With your advisor to see what tools he or she has to give you. Then meet at least once a week before the argument to review.
  • School procedures and rules-each school varies on how this important dialogue will take place. You need to be 100% aware of what you can and cannot do. Your advisor should have given you the procedure packet or directed you to the online details.
  • Mock sessions-it is important that you go through several mock sessions. Your school may provide the team to do this for you, or may have to form your group yourself. You will want to make sure that this practice is as realistic as possible.
  • Peers-make sure to talk to peers who have already gone through the argument process. You can use these experience and discussion about it to help you to get ready for your defense.
  • The Media Center-the center may have some books on how to prepare for this important event.

You are almost finished with your PhD pursuit. Soon you will be awarded the degree. As you prepare for your defense, make sure to watch tutorial videos, meet with your faculty dissertation advisor, know the school procedures, attend mock practice sessions, go to the media center and talk to peers who have gone through the process before you.

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