Dissertation Topics In Accounting: 20 Ideas To Boost Your Enthusiasm

Accounting is a difficult and interesting field. To get a degree in accounting, you will need to write and defend a dissertation. One of the key steps of creating a successful paper is choosing a good topic. If you cannot come up with a good idea for your accounting project, you may get some inspiration from the list of excellent sample topics.

Accounting Dissertation Topics to Consider

  1. The current accounting standard and its objectives.
  2. The changes to be made in the accounting education.
  3. Ethics standards in accounting.
  4. The standards of international accounting.
  5. Comparing the quality of the accounting education in the US and EU.
  6. The independence of an auditor: reality or deception?
  7. Accounting ethics in the banking industry.
  8. The relationship between an auditor and a client.
  9. The audit industry and perceptions of risk.
  10. The importance of teaching ethics to accounting students.
  11. The implications of implementing the International Financial Reporting Standards.
  12. Gender issues in accounting.
  13. The significance of accounting for the brand.
  14. Outsourcing accounting overseas: the United States perspective.
  15. The analysis of audit risks.
  16. The balanced scorecard and legal firms.
  17. The impact of internal controls on employees in the banking industry.
  18. Auditor’s liability and its effect on the accounting profession.
  19. The standard for reporting on sustainability.
  20. The disclosure of social information and its implications for large organizations.

Composing a Successful Dissertation

Picking a good topic is only the first step. To write a good paper, there are many other things that you should do. Conducting thorough research is very important. If you don’t put enough effort into carrying out your study, you won’t have any meaningful results to present in your paper. For this reason, you should consult your professor to learn about the sources to search for and tests to conduct.

Once your study is completed, you should make a thorough outline for your paper. Writing a dissertation without a plan is a foolish idea. Only by following an outline, you’ll be able to maintain a solid structure of your paper.

Don’t try to make your first draft perfect. You’ll have to proofread it later anyway, so there is no need to pay attention to everything during the writing process. This will only slow you down.

It’s advisable to give your paper to a good editor for the final proofreading. There might be some mistakes in the text that you haven’t noticed because you’re the author.

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