12 Attention-Grabbing Dissertation Topics On Modern Literature

Choosing a topic for the dissertation on modern literature is indeed a complex task, as you have to be focused on the topic. If you don’t find the topic interesting, then your paper would be a disaster. One needs to keep himself attached to the topic 24x7 in order to gain the knowledge, so that he can complete the assignment.

Modern Literature

The 20th century literature has seen a major change as it allowed the reader’s to understand various stylish and thematic approaches towards the literature. But if you carefully narrow down the modern period of literature, then you will find sub genres in it and various writers and their work. Depending on your write-up you can select some topic initially which you feel comfortable to write.

More about the Modern literature and its inception

Students doing their write-up must have a vivid idea about the subject and topic they are planning to cover in the paper. For that reason, it is necessary that a student should know about the transition that occurred in the modern literature phase. The modern literature has been different in its inception and tends to break away from the Victorian concepts. Earlier literature was more or less based on nature and every single object from the nature began to become a subject topic. But the modern literature shifted its idea and they tend to focus on the human condition and tried to explain human psychology and behavior.

Here are the 12 topics that you may use for the dissertation:

  • ‘Is there anything more to be Found?' by T.S Eliot.
  • Comprehending the War: Ivor Gurney.
  • W. H Auden and its poetic syntax.
  • Sylvia Plath- The bell jar.
  • D.H Lawrence- ‘Sons and lovers’ is considered to be a major novel.
  • Transition in the works of 20th century novel as compared to Victorian works.
  • Kipling’s view on India.
  • Identifying the works of Ian McEwan.
  • Work of Freud and the view on modernism.
  • Milan kundera and the importance of his work
  • Experiment made about form: James Joyce and his important works in modern literature.
  • Jack Kerouac as the father of best generation.

These are some of the topics but if you carefully study them, you will find out more about this prose and novel works, which will further help you to come up with your own topic. Whatever topic you choose, a thorough research work will help you to complete the write-up.

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