Sixteen Interesting Topic Suggestions For Your Dissertation In English Literature

In order to make your dissertation a little bit easier to write, the following article provide some advice when it comes to think of good topic to write about, which is obviously the first thing you need to do before you can actually start any research or writing.

Select a topic from your favourite era of English literature

You may choose to base your paper on your favourite era of English literature, particularly if there is a specific area that you would like to specialise in. In fact, you don’t necessarily just have to narrow your search down to a particular era; you may also choose to base your paper on the literature of a certain country as well.

Choose a topic based on your favourite author or book

Another good way of coming up with a good topic idea is to think about your favourite authors or any enjoyable books that you may have read. You can then brainstorm this topic in order to come up with further ideas.

The following provides you with some title ideas that you may wish to consider when writing an essay based on English literature:

  1. What does the Great Gatsby tell us about the historical times that it was set in?
  2. Identify a recurring theme or symbolism in The Lord of the Flies and describe what part it plays in the novel
  3. How is the theme of death explored in Death of a Salesman?
  4. Analyse the character of Pinky in Brighton Rock in relation to the other characters?
  5. Compare and contrast two or more books in a similar genre and how they approach and tackle the subject
  6. How relevant is Shakespeare in the modern world?
  7. Is Harry Potter a children’s book?
  8. Identify a popular author of the present day and attempt to analyse whether their work will stand the test of time
  9. What can English literature teach us about changes in languages over the centuries?
  10. Is English literature a good and reliable source of historical knowledge?
  11. An in depth study of gothic literature
  12. Track the political changes and views of the day throughout history via examples of famous English literature
  13. The life and works of Shakespeare
  14. Can authors shape our views of the past?
  15. What motivated Mark Twain?
  16. A comparison of British and American literature in the early 20th century

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