List Of Interesting Dissertation Titles About Eating Disorders

Each dissertation needs an informative yet concise title. The purpose of the title in this case is to give the readers a great deal of insight into the purpose of your work without using too many words. Since your word count is limited, many students like to refine the concepts they present in their title to the area of interest and the focus of their research. In some cases, one over the other is better suited. If you are looking to craft a dissertation title about eating disorders, you can review the list below for examples of the various components you might want to highlight in the course of your title.

If you want to illustrate your research design in the title, you can use words such as “mixed methods”, “qualitative” or “quantitative” to refer to the type of method you used.

For qualitative studies you can use words such as:

  • A qualitative study on ABC
  • The directive impact of ABC: Qualitative insights
  • The impact of ABC on decision-making: a qualitative investigation
  • Success factors for ABC: a qualitative meta-analysis

For quantitative studies you can use words such as:

  • An empirical investigation of eating disorders
  • A quantitative method for eating disorders
  • An empirical analysis for eating disorders

For mixed methods designs you can use words such as:

  • A multi-method examination of eating disorders

If your methodology is important and you want to highlight that in the title, you can include titles such as:

  • ABC: An Action research in X
  • ABC: a grounded theory approach
  • ABC: a case study of X
  • The impact of ABC: an ethnographic study

If you want to emphasis an approach you took within your methodology you can use titles like:

  • ABC: An instrumental case study of X
  • ABC: an exploratory case study
  • ABC: a comparative case study of X

If you instead want to emphasize a research method you used you can use titles like:

  • ABC: a large scale survey
  • ABC: results from focus study groups
  • ABC: analysis of interviews with X

Should you prefer to focus on the extended data you used for your research, you will want to use the term “longitudinal study”.

Should you wish to highlight the sampling strategy you used you might include keywords relating to the country or group of countries you uses, the industry, the organization, the group, or the group of people you used.

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