Nursing Dissertation Titles- The Top 10 Innovative Ideas

One of the hardest parts of preparing to write your dissertation is to come up with a solid title for it. You need to make sure that your title gives your reader an idea of what your paper is about. You can’t just create any title. You have to start by explaining the main focus of your paper and then tell your reader exactly who you studied on that issue. Your title should reflect your paper so it may be best to create the title last. Get the idea down, write the paper, and then work to create a title that matches the paper.

Here are some innovative ideas of what your title should look like. You will need to make sure that you adjust these titles to match your exact paper. You can start out with this idea and then as you start to write, if your direction of focus changes at all, so should your title.

  1. Environmental theory: a study of Florence Nightingale’s theory and the nursing education in Great Britain
  2. Interpersonal theory: a study of how the theory applies to modern practices
  3. System Model: a case study of the system model in action
  4. Self-care theory: improving a long standing theory
  5. Twenty one nursing problems: solving the most common issues in the field
  6. Psychodynamic nursing: can principles based on human relations improve practices in the field
  7. Epidemiologists methods for assessing incidence: how accurate have these predictions been over the last decade
  8. High blood pressure epidemic: comparing various communities to get a better look at the causes
  9. Human-to-human relationship model: is it effective in South African hospitals
  10. Adaption theory: causes for Sister Calista Roy’s development of this theory

One great way to really understand what your paper is about is to create an outline. That way you can see the main ideas instead of trying to pull the main points out of the paper. You have to capture the essence of your paper when creating the title so that you are sure that when your reader reads it, they aren’t sitting there confused as to why that paper isn’t what they expected.

Be sure to read through a few sample papers to get the best idea of what your paper is really about so that you know how to format it.

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