The Top 20 Most Interesting Dissertation Topics In Economics

Writers block can happen even when a graduate student is thinking of a dissertation topic. It is natural given the amount of pressure this person is under on almost routine basis. To be of some assistance there are number of topics listed below you may think about as you are trying to make up your mind. Think of these as possible inspirations.

  1. Individual State Policy and the Euro.
  2. The Impact of Entrepreneurial Investment on Emerging Market Economies.
  3. Minimum Wage and the Part-Time Restaurant Worker: the Effect of Any Increase.
  4. Foreign Investment in A Third World Nation: Is the Return Worth the Risk?
  5. How High-Frequency Trading Affects Fortune 500 Stocks.
  6. Do Restrictions on Food Stamps Affect Buying Decisions of the Poor?
  7. Are Illegal Immigrants Actually Performing Jobs Americans Don’t Want?
  8. Can in Islamic Loan Practices Benefit American Entrepreneurs?
  9. What Effect Has the Euro Had on Poor European Economies?
  10. Does National Debt Effect Participation in the Global Economy?
  11. Will Student Loan Forgiveness Have an Effect on Economic Recovery?
  12. Does the Austrian School of Economics Have Any Value For Entrepreneurs?
  13. Should Australia Continue to Emphasize Mining over Financial Services?
  14. China’s Influence on Third World Economic Development.
  15. Greece and the Euro. Has Experience Been Helpful to the Greek Economy?
  16. Does Islam Have Any Real Economic Benefits?
  17. Will South America Benefit from A Euro Style Currency?
  18. Do Estate Taxes Discriminate against Minorities?
  19. Would Making Credit Card Interest Payments Tax-Deductible Stimulate the Economy?
  20. Other Economic Advantages to Global Warming?

These are some of the topics that a graduate student can look at as he or she prepares for writing the dissertation. Some flexibility is going to help because doing everything. Discussion of the topic may not be worthwhile. It is also going to be essential to have the dissertation advisor. review these topics. While some of these may help advance knowledge in the field, others may prove to be nothing more than esoteric exercises that are not very valuable. These topics and their variations do, however, open up the conversation. It is very possible that the advisor may look at these and suggest something entirely different based on the review.

Have a few topics to choose from, prevents a take it or leave it situation. No graduate student wants to have to face that. Looking at the above topics and giving them some thought, will help develop that one theme that is worth doing research and writing about.

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