How To Select Powerful Dissertation Topics On Urban Design

A dissertation on urban design gives you a chance to explore a wide range of issues affecting the urban environment. When selecting a topic, you need to consider a few issues so that the topic is captivating and interesting to read.


A dissertation is supposed to add to the existing knowledge bank. This demands that your topic or area of study reflect present day realities and concerns. To get a current topic search in the following areas

Media reports - media coverage of international symposiums on urban design will give you an idea of the present day concerns to guide you through research.

Research recommendations - researchers recommend areas that they think should be given more attention in future papers. These recommendations are contained at the end of their academic works. This is a great starting point for your topic on urban design.

Consult your supervisor - your supervisor and the department have areas they are focusing on from time to time. They will provide guidance and support in terms of materials to make your work easier and more successful. Examples:-

  • When is a design labeled as intrusive?
  • Is architecture about creativity or economy?
  • Should heights correspond with surrounding buildings?


Select a dissertation topic in urban design that addresses specific issues as opposed to generalization. It A specific topic will adequately address the issues of concern without leaving out other important factors due to length limitations.

  • Is the idea of harmony with the surrounding limiting architectural development?
  • What is the place of enclosures in present day architecture?
  • Is local influence on materials and design killing creativity?


Dissertations require perusal of academic material in a particular field. Ensure that your desired topic addresses issues that are central to urban design instead of peripheral concerns.

  • Too many signs are becoming irrelevant
  • Are there natural alternatives to lighting signage?
  • How to identify utility facilities in an eco friendly manner


The phrasing and issues covered in your dissertation topic on urban design should be interesting to read. Keep away from areas that have been studied time and again because they add little value to the world of academics.

  • Who owns the street, pedestrians or cars?
  • Sky scrappers the wrong solution to density concerns
  • Ensuring a flexible urban future

Construct different sections of your dissertation on urban design in an academically acceptable manner. Be consistent in formatting as well as referencing. Proofread the work before handing it over to your supervisor for final approval.

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