Postgraduate Thesis Topics: The Top 25 Best Suggestions

Most of the time, when you have to write a thesis, you struggle to find a good topic. In the end, this is the main point of your entire project, and it needs to be something engaging and interesting. If you have the chance to pick to topic by yourself, without any requirements from your professor, you must take advantage of this. You can write about things that are familiar and interesting for you, in this way saving some time and effort. These are the top 25 suggestions of thesis topics:

  1. Birth control pills. Do they really work? Are they dangerous in any way?
  2. National healthcare system. Describe the system of your country and the points that could be improved.
  3. A book. You can talk about your favorite book, or about a piece of literature that is significant for history.
  4. Sexual education classes. Do you think that these should be introduced in schools, or it’s a sensitive matter?
  5. Nuclear weapons. How are they built and why are they so dangerous.
  6. World War I. You can discuss the military, political aspects or the social consequences.
  7. Cycling in the city. Many drivers say that cyclists are not supposed to ride on the street.
  8. Gluten- free diet. Why people seem to think that gluten is dangerous?
  9. Electric cars. This seems to be the car of the future, with very little environmental pollution.
  10. Teenagers and smart phones. Are these really damaging, or parents are being too worried?
  11. Animal police. Does this exist in your country?
  12. Smoking in public areas. Do you think it should be prohibited?
  13. Public transport VS personal cars. Which ones has more advantages?
  14. Homeschooling. Some parents seem to think that this will make their children more focused on study.
  15. Anorexia and bulimia. These kinds of conditions need special attention, especially when they are detected in teenagers.
  16. Anxiety. Many students suffer from anxiety, and they don’t even realize it.
  17. Art. What is your favorite artist and why?
  18. Are dogs dangerous for children?
  19. Drinking age. In most of European countries, the legal age is 18, while in USA it’s 21.
  20. Texting while driving. Many countries have very severe law regarding this practice.
  21. Globalization. Do you think it’s a positive phenomenon?
  22. Beauty pageants for children.
  23. Medicine and technology.
  24. Organ donation.
  25. Death penalty. Is it right or wrong?

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