Searching For Strong Topic Ideas For Business Management Dissertations

The greatest challenge of your Business Management course is now here. You can’t put it off any longer. You have to choose the subject for your dissertation.

This work is the culmination of your academic career. It is your chance to gather together everything you have learned so far and lay it out for potential employers. So you have to be choosy about your subject. Pick one that highlights your strongest skills and abilities.

It is easy to start being stressed by this assignment. The internet is so full of information that you can feel swamped by the amount of work that is ahead of you and your expectations of what you are able to achieve. Plan ahead, make sure you have plenty of time to look over all your possible subject choices thoroughly. Before you start writing your proposal make sure you have already run some of your suggestions past your advisor. And most importantly make sure your final choice is one you are enthusiastic about – passion for a subject can take you through those dark moments when you want to give up.

Where to look for your ideas

  • Obviously there is your course work, there must be something in there that attracted you to this academic course in the first place. Go back over your old notes and see if anything sparks your interest.
  • Check among the journals and financial papers for your initial idea, often your college library will have a subscription to the magazines and papers you need.
  • Check out what is trending on niche websites – that would give you and up-to-date idea about what is important in the business world.
  • Look among the papers of previous students – a good dissertation opens questions for other researchers to look into.

Some suggestions to get you started

  1. There is a global marketplace, how do you market your produce for different cultures?
  2. How can you get cultural differences to strengthen your workforce?
  3. Is social media a valuable marketing tool?
  4. What is ethic advertising for children?
  5. Does the global marketplace mean the global financial crisis affect everyone?
  6. More products are sold online than ever, so how do you protect the data of electronic purchases?
  7. Processed food is currently in decline, how would you get a positive consumer reaction?
  8. The ethics of sourcing your production in a developing country and consumer views on “sweatshops”.

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