A List Of Thought-Provoking Psychology Dissertation Ideas

Psychology is a fascinating course for any student, and creating your dissertation on this theme can be a real adventure. You have to choose your topic carefully and find the right information so that you can make everyone interested in what you wrote. Before you start to write, take a look at this list of ideas and see if any of them is suitable for you:

  • What is love? Many people tried to explain this, but none of them could come with a logical explanation. However, some psychologists explain love and affection, as well as what and why we feel bad when we are not with the person we love.
  • Are humans good in nature? Some religions try to impose the idea that humans are good in nature, and they are just tempted to do bad things by others. What is the psychological explanation for this?
  • What are instincts? You know when you have a feeling that you are doing the right thing? That is your instinct, and it’s not just something simple. It is the genetic inheritance that you carry, and that you will leave for your children.
  • Why do we need empathy? How important it is to feel empathy towards others? Can this take us to the new level of humanity?
  • Our dark side. Some scientists say that every person has a dark side, but we manage to control it and behave in a civilized manner. In this part of our brain we control all our violent thoughts, as well as strange products of our imagination. Talk about this in your composition.
  • Manipulation. Do you think that it is important for us to know how to make other people do what we want? Is it moral?
  • Child abuse. As strange as it sounds, pedophiles don’t actually understand that they are doing something wrong. Their mind is built in a different way, so they naturally feel attracted by children. Do you think that this can be solved with treatment?
  • Why food makes us happy? Very often you eat something sweet when you are upset, and you instantly feel better.
  • This can be easily explained by dopamine and other hormones, but some people actually develop a special relationship with food. This can lead to many problems, but it’s also fascinating from psychological point of view.

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