Writing A Doctoral Thesis: Basic Tutorial For Beginners

Your doctoral thesis is an important step in your movement from the academic world to the professional world. Your school will dictate many of the requirements. There will be papers to fill out and to submit, and your field of study may also have some rules you should follow.

You may be writing in APA or MLA and that decision will also determine some of the regulations you have to follow. You will pick a professor to guide you through this process. Some schools have requirements as to whom you can or cannot pick. Your advisor can help you with the college and department regulations.

You will need to have a thesis approval. Your advisor will take the proposed thesis and present it in some cases and in other cases you will need to defend it. Once you are given the go-ahead, you and your advisor will work together to make the thesis outline.

As your write paragraphs, the advisor will watch over you. It will be anywhere from 45-90 double-spaced pages not counting the bibliography. If your school has a page minimum or maximum, your advisor will tell you what it is.

When you think you are finished, then give it to your advisor. As far as how long it takes, it usually begins in a fall semester with completion in the spring. Some schools will make exceptions due to extreme situations or if you are a part time student.

Next, if your advisor loves it, then he or she will tell you how many copies to make. All committee members will read it before it is defended. Once you arrive to the defending stage, it will only deal with the content and the accuracy of the content. No one on the committee will point out grammatical or spelling errors, though they may not be pleased with them.

Schools have different criteria for how many people on the committee must approve it. Your advisor will tell you. If you are approved, you will probably need to go to the school registrar and fill an application (with your approval paper work) to get your degree at graduation.

As a rule these basic tutorial rules are universal at most colleges. If for some reason there are differences, your advisor, also known as a doctoral advisor, will inform you. You need to meet and confer often with him or her. Use our tutorial for beginners.

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