Looking For A Free Dissertation Prospectus Sample

What is free dissertation prospectus sample?

A dissertation prospectus is a piece of academic writing that describes why the topic of the dissertation is chosen, how it will be explored and methodology. The prospectus will also include the probable results and the bibliography. The specialty of the prospectus resides with the fact that- it should be only in 3500-4000 words and will be submitted after entry examination.

Ways to look for free dissertation prospectus sample

  • Raid the library
  • The library of your academic institution bounds to have prospectus samples. If you have not raided it till now, don’t delay. The library would be the single best source of free samples and you will get ample opportunity to go through them. It’s not possible to note down the samples in entirety, but you can always opt for photocopying. Ask the librarian whether photocopying is allowed inside the library. If not, then note down only the skeleton of it and later develop them accordingly. You can also consult few scholarly books about critique paper outlines including prospectus writing tips.

  • Search the internet
  • The internet is full of sites that offer free-of-cost samples papers about prospectus. But they can be limited in number. You also need to spend time and effort about hunting down the most authentic site as others will feature pretty useless stuff in the name of samples. There are also paid websites which will give you the access to prospectus samples in exchange of nominal fees. To strike the value-for-money deals, go through the customers’ reviews.

  • Ask your seniors
  • Your network building skill will come handy if you are desperate to find free prospectus samples. Pick up the phone and ring up your approachable seniors from the alumni list. Many will be not available and prepare to face the rejection from the others. But there are few, who shall be helpful and will agree to lend you their prospectus samples. This may prove to be a lengthy process, so you must not lose hope or look for shortcut route to success.

  • Look up to your mentor
  • Your mentor is one of the most crucial parts of in your academic writing journey. If all else fails, you have to request to your mentor for lending some prospectus samples to you. Now whether he will be agreed to do so or not, depends upon your relationship with him/her. That’s why it’s advisable to form a cordial affliation with professors of your department from the very beginning of the course.

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