The Best Dissertation Topics In Marketing: 20 Unique Ideas

When writing marketing essays, one of the first things you need to do is think of an appropriate title for your piece of work. This is particularly important when writing a dissertation, due to the fact that it is such a comprehensive an important essay that contributes greatly towards any qualifications you earn during your education.

There are plenty of different topics you can choose from, so a good idea is to think about any aspect of your study that you have particularly enjoyed, as well as anything that you felt you did especially well in. Ideally, there will be a topic that you would not only enjoy writing, but would also be able to complete to a high standard as well.

In the past couple of decades, since the rise of the Internet, marketing strategies have changed tremendously. As a result, the current generation of students has a much wider range of topics to choose from when writing a marketing dissertation, compared with students from the past. The following lists a range of different topic ideas, including some that are related to the Internet, as well as other technological areas.

  1. How has the internet changed the way modern marketing takes place?
  2. What percentage of revenue should new companies spend on marketing?
  3. Would companies be more profitable if all forms of marketing were banned?
  4. An analysis of a disastrous marketing campaign
  5. An analysis of a successful marketing campaign using multiple forms of social media
  6. How can companies incorporate social media into marketing campaigns?
  7. The future of television in relation to marketing techniques
  8. Should fast-food chains be allowed to carry out marketing in conjunction with major sporting events?
  9. Marketing myths and why they are believed
  10. How prevalent is gender discrimination in 21st century marketing campaigns?
  11. How important is marketing in political campaigns?
  12. An analysis of how companies have turned potentially damaging publicity into successful marketing
  13. The importance of marketing in homogeneous industries
  14. The role of sports stars in marketing campaigns
  15. A case study of a major marketing firm
  16. Marketing campaigns that have backfired
  17. Marketing campaigns that have been unexpectedly successful
  18. How marketing can encourage the public to turn a blind-eye to bad practices carried out by companies
  19. The basics of marketing campaigns
  20. What should companies avoid if they want marketing campaigns to be successful?

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