Compelling Dissertation Topics On Japan: Culture And History

If you’re writing a dissertation on the topics of Japan’s culture and history, you’re in for a lot of surprises. There is a lot more to Japan, and its history and customs than many of us have even thought about. The Japanese are extremely proud of their history and traditions, and you must do a lot of careful and thorough research to bring these things out in a truthful and compelling way.

Dissertation Topics on Japan’s Culture and History

Having said that, the following is a short list of topics you could write on regarding Japan’s history and culture. Enjoy them.

  • The founding of Japan and its imperial line – Japan has a very interesting and colourful history regarding its founders and the rulers that have succeeded them.
  • The Samurai and the role they played in Japanese history – how did the Samurai overall affect the Japanese culture and how big a part did they really play in the way modern Japan is?
  • The development and influence of Japanese Capitalism
  • The history and life of the Geishas – Geishas are not prostitutes; in fact, the first Geishas were actually men.
  • Japan’s history of war – Japan used to be an extremely war prone nation in the 20th century but is now one of the most pacifist countries.
  • The four different writing systems of Japan – Katakana, Romaji, Kanji and Hiragana – what they are used for and the differences between them.
  • The role of women in Japan’s history vs. the role of women in Japan now – As in most Asian countries, the role of women has changed considerably over the years.
  • Religion in Japan- most Japanese are not actually very religious. Write about the various religions practiced in
  • Japan and their impact on the modern Japanese society.

Japan is an incredibly diverse country with a very interesting history and beautiful customs. Researching for your dissertation on their history or culture will bring you a lot of new and fascinating information that will leave you with no shortage of material to write about. Delve into Japan’s incredible history and lose yourself in the subject – if you are passionate about your topic you are sure to be able to write brilliantly on it. As with any dissertation, the key is thorough and intensive research. Don’t give up – be determined about your end goal and you will definitely reach it.

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