List Of 12 Dissertation Topics About The Negative Effects Of Youth Work

When asked to write about the negative effects of youth work, you might have no idea of what is expected. The common notion is that the youth should be allowed to work and begin earning as early as possible. Why then would work have any negative effects on their lives or the society? Here are 12 areas to explore.

  1. Earning too early creates irresponsible adults
  2. Youth work as a contributor for single and broken families
  3. Youth employees as an unmanageable lot
  4. Lack of responsibilities makes youth work lack commitment
  5. Youth workers fail to fully live their young adult life and thus are prone to return to the behaviors later in life
  6. Youth workers do not fit into their age groups because they are already self sufficient
  7. Lack of concentration among youth workers
  8. Youth workers lack attachment to their stations leading to laxity
  9. Youth workers are exposed to a harsh world too early in life
  10. Youth workers fail to develop crucial life skills and are thus overtaken by those who never worked
  11. Exploitation of female youth workers by bosses and co-workers
  12. Youth workers are never paid their commensurate salaries and thus do not get value

With a dissertation of this kind, a lot goes into making it compelling. Consider a title that sounds unique and captivating to read. The words chosen and the perspective you adapt will determine the curiosity of your readers. Here are other considerations to make when compiling the paper.

  • Fresh Facts- consider the latest information about youth workers. Check what global organizations are saying and the current trend in the market. With technology and changing employment dynamics, the definition of the term may have mutated. Readers will be interested in finding out the latest statistics.
  • Logical Flow- readers enjoy a paper when ideas and points are connected. They build on each other in a sequence that makes it easier to understand. Ensure that you begin and end with strong points so that a reader will have an impression of a thoroughly researched paper.
  • Edit the Dissertation- the presence of errors weakens your arguments. Comb through the paper to get rid of any errors of grammatical or typographical nature. It is allowed to enlist the services of a professional editor. This ensures that the reader gets what you intended instead of the information being distorted by unintended words.

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