22 Unique Ideas For Your PhD Dissertation On History

History is a very broad field. There are many topics that you may choose to write your Ph.D. dissertation. It’s advisable to pick something that draws your own attention in the first place. If you’re interested in your research subject, it’ll be easier for you to write your paper. If you cannot generate a good idea on your own, maybe the following topics will be of use to you.

  1. The analysis and explanation of French policy in times of the Crimean War.
  2. The role of religion in the Crimean War.
  3. The attitude of Napoleon III towards the Vienna system.
  4. The influence of Napoleon III’s legacy on relationships between European countries.
  5. The contribution of Cavour to Italian unification.
  6. The biggest difficulties faced by newly created united Italian government.
  7. The influence of Schleswig-Holstein crisis on German unification.
  8. The biggest achievement of Germany upon its unification.
  9. The analysis of the main events that led to the beginning of the World War I.
  10. The factors that didn’t let the great powers of Europe stop the beginning of the World War I.
  11. The effects of “The Great Depression” in Britain.
  12. The fall of the Labour government in Britain in 1924.
  13. The factors that allowed Mussolini to come to power in Italy so easily.
  14. The main event that led to Mussolini’s downfall.
  15. The most successful policies of Nazi Germany.
  16. The biggest failing of the Nazi party that led to its downfall.
  17. The approach of Stalin to governing USSR.
  18. The reasons that caused communism to spread to other countries.
  19. The reasons for the US not to enter the World War II straight away.
  20. The main event that led to the end of the World War II.
  21. The consequences of the World War II on the European Society.
  22. The factors that let Britain survive when almost all Europe was defeated by Hitler.

To write a decent dissertation on the historical topic, you should put a lot of effort into your research. You’ll need to read plenty of materials from different sources and compare them to each other in order to discover the truth. If you don’t have enough time to conduct thorough research, you may visit this site and use the services of a professional academic writing company. For a reasonable price, they’ll do your research and write your entire paper from scratch. You’ll even be able to select a writer personally.

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