A Guide To Academic Writing: The Dissertation Layout

The dissertation is more than just a term paper. Any graduate student who goes into this thinking that it is only a lengthy assignment is headed for disaster. The academic world expects certain things from the work and the wise student will play by the rules.

  1. The Beginning. This is going to include Title, Table of Contents, Acknowledgments, and essentially information that states the dissertation is original work and that none of the departmental ethics requirements have been violated.
  2. The Abstract. In approximately 250 words the student is to give a summary of what the text will be discussing. A student should take a look at some abstract examples to get idea of what is expected in this concise description.
  3. Formal Introduction. At this point of the project the student is going to outline goals objectives of the research. The reasons why this investigation is important should also be discussed. The content is not expected to cover the universe of a given topic. Therefore, the Introduction should also include with the boundaries are; what will not be considered and what limitations there are to the research.
  4. Methodology. This explains to the reader what instruments of research are being used to examine the topic or question of the dissertation. The research strategy employed will be discussed here.
  5. Literature Review. The student is going to have to explain what the existing research on the subject area is. The Literature Review examines those scholarly journals and papers that have been published on the matter. This part of the document can be extremely tedious and take a while to fully complete. Nevertheless, having this shows that the student has looked into the matter deeply. The Literature Review can also help justify why the research is necessary to advance knowledge.
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    Academic departments will also have their own guidelines as to what is expected of the dissertation. A graduate student needs to go over that information carefully. The content expected of the paper will be outlined and even the formatting of the work itself. The individual must keep in mind that his or her findings may be published in a scholarly journal. Consequently, this particular project must look as professional as possible. Attention to detail is going to be a valuable practice in preparing the text. It is not unusual for a person to spend several weeks if not months thinking about and preparing the groundwork for the dissertation. This is a very important part of the postgraduate academic process.

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