Suggestions You Don't Want To Miss: A List Of Outstanding Dissertation Topics

Try these dissertation topics as inspiration for your own.

Factors that influence the oil price and how these branch out to the consumer

For the person who knows nothing about how oil prices affect fuel and inflation, break down the basics and go into detail about how this industry functions.

Problems and solutions pertaining to post graduates who cannot find jobs after school

Present the problem of so many graduates losing out on job opportunities because they lack experience. Then pose solutions to this problem.

Infant development: Teaching kids basic math during infancy

How can babies be encouraged to think mathematically from a young age?

Discussing psychological methods for preventing terrorism

What can psychologists offer anti-terrorist groups in terms of profiling?

Capitalizing on desire to advertise and sell products

How can the powerful emotion of desire be honed to sell products more effectively in advertising?

Developing creativity in children: How to stimulate right brain thinking in over-analytical children

Logic is important in the mind of a child, but there is also place for creative thinking. Discuss how this side of the brain can be stimulated.

How black American arts and culture influenced the end of racial discrimination

How did dancing, singing and sports influence racial discrimination in the early nineteen hundreds?

Education can stop world hunger: Looking at methods for educating poverty stricken people

Prove that education is the sole missing element to people living in extreme poverty.

Medical insurance claims: Dispute processes and legal recourse

Look at some situations where a medical insurance claim would be disputed and discuss the elements involved.

The music industry and its influence on the next generation: What we can expect to see in the next 20 – 30 years

Speculate with much evidence as to how our western society will turn out within the next three decades because of the music we listen to.

Racial discrimination in the workplace starts at school: What we are doing wrong in our school system which is contributing to racism in adulthood

Trace adult racism back to school days and discuss what can be changed in the minds of children to prevent such damaging thinking.

A historical view at the popularization of sports in America

How did basketball, baseball and football become such obsessions in America?

Ancient Roman architecture: What we can learn about history from surviving Roman buildings

Analyze some of the great Roman architecture and put the pieces together to form a clear historic picture.

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