Basic Components Of A Good Thesis Paper Literature Review

When you set out to compose your thesis there are many elements which you must cover. The literature review is one of the first elements that you have to cover. This is generally the second chapter in your final thesis, and it comes directly after the background and introduction section and directly before the methodology section where you really dive into the work you did. The purpose behind the literature review is to indicate that you thoroughly understand what work has been done on your topic in the past and also that you are not simply repeating a subject or research direction which already exists.

  • Within the literature review you want to percent existing literature on the subject which adequately explains for your reader the background to the topic and why it matters. Your reader needs to understand your thesis statement or your hypothesis in the right context and the literature review offers a great opportunity to form that context and presented to your reader. This means that you have the opportunity to show them what information exists already and where different authors agree or disagree. If you are, for example, exploring one teaching method for dyslexic children you can review studies that other authors have conducted on two different teaching methods and where the results and the authors themselves disagree as to the most effective method. This will show your reader what work is already been done and where there is still a need for you to come in and improve upon existing research.
  • When you are creating your literature review you want to avoid presenting information chronologically or simply Introducing one author after another. You want to assess the different thoughts which exist on the topic and the different arguments not just be different authors who exist. Avoid regurgitating information about the authors and their work and instead offer a comprehensive analysis of where various authors agree or disagree. This will indicate that you have thoroughly reviewed all of the content which does exist on the subject matter and that you understand what role your content has to play in this bigger picture. If you are still unsure of what you need to do for this particular section it might be in your best interest to look over other final products and see what they presented in the literature review and how.

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