Database Security Dissertation Topics

Projects require documentations on how it was conducted until decisions made at the conclusion. This database has to be kept in a secure location away from unauthorized access. There is need of ensuring that the database is safe since some contain privately identifiable information. Therefore, to certify that this dissertation database is secure one may decide to try the following considerations.

Educating the database management team

This is the best method to ensure database integrity among a team. Training of the team about the procedures of database security keeps an extra eye on how and who accesses the data. The team approves approachability of the database individuals.

Database accessibility

Monitoring the access of data in a database is essential to avoid loss. The close controlling of the database accessibility ensures that it is not abused or used in a way not intended. Equipping members of the database team members’ identification ensure no sneaking for database.

Regular database backup

Database backup provides a temporarily data when the original copy is accidentally disseminated. Database backup is done at interval time period and not after end of project. In an occasion where the original database is lost, the up to date back up is used as primary database for the dissertation.

Different levels of database access

Accessibility of database requires one to pass through different levels of database access such as passwords and pin which are not easily formulated by others. The database is retrieved after completing all the levels of security. Most database security organizations consider at least 3 levels of security of the database.

Encryption of database for transfer

Unencrypted database is vulnerable to be intercepted by malicious targets who intent to use it for their benefit. An individual at the destination of the transfer must have the encryption key to access the encrypted database. Database is secure from annexing to the public

Protection of database from burglary

Employing database security personnel to keep watch of whoever gets in to access the database shows accountability of the database use. In most places such as library, the installation of CCTV reduces the prospect of interfering or getting away with the database without the consent of the management.

Setting up strong passwords

Strong password is a basis for database encryption. The password must encompass both numbers and characters but must not relate in anyway with procession of the database user.

Installation of firewall and updated versions

Updated versions of software protect the database from virus infection that might result to the failure of the database.

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