Academic Writing Tips: How Do You Cite A Dissertation In The APA Format?

Are you worried because you want to cite a dissertation in the APA format? Does your teacher want you to follow the American Psychological Association style for your university project? Are you concerned because you do not have an experience with such papers? Do you need someone to help you in formatting your paper in the right manner? Do you think it is difficult to earn a good grade in your thesis because you cannot cite each section accordingly? Do you have a list of rules and regulations to follow to be able to format the paper in the given style? Is it difficult for you to write your academic assignments in the given style and format?

It is normal for you to think about all these questions because you need to write a dissertation in a certain format. You may need to think many times before starting the formatting process because you want to make sure you are moving in the right direction. It would be easier for a professional writer to cite a paper in the APA style because they are experienced with these papers. You may feel trouble in writing such assignments, as you are new. If you are to cite a thesis in the APA format, then you will have to consider many different factors. Your teacher requires you to choose the American Psychological Association format so you need to stick to it. You can copy the formatting guidelines for this format from their official website or look at the hints below.

  1. Your format of the citation will depend upon whether the paper is published on the web, published in a database, unpublished or an abstract yet
  2. If you were talking about a dissertation that is published then you would need to write the last name of the author, the year of the publication and the title of the dissertation. You should also include the number or ID of the paper in the database at the end of the citation
  3. If the paper is published on the internet then you can follow the same format and put the web address instead of the database id
  4. If the paper is not published yet, then you should mention this in your citation. You need to include the name and location of the institute to show where this paper belongs to

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