List Of 15 Compelling Dissertation Topics On US History

Writing about topics in Us History can grant the writer insight into how much of modern day America works. When writing a dissertation about US history, the writer must keep in mind that it is a topic frequented by other writers and thinkers so that writing about a compelling topic is of the utmost importance (well perhaps second to writing a well written and interesting paper). Presented is a list of compelling dissertation topics on US history to be used as is or expanded upon and rethought into other interesting topics.

Topics concerning early Native Americans

  1. The activities and triumphs of the League of the Iroquois
  2. The various methods and their effectiveness in which Native Americans rebelled against the European settlers.
  3. Define and evaluate the ways in which European settlers changed the lives and cultures of the Native Americans.
  4. How the American government in the late 1800s impacted the Native Americans and how did they respond.

On the Revolutionary War

  1. In what ways did the age of Enlightenment influence the thought processes of the Founding Fathers of the United States?
  2. In a time of slavery and oppression, how did African Americans respond to the war and how did it affect them?

How did the lives of slaves change because of the revolutionary war if they changed at all?

  1. Discuss the impact that Nathan Hale had on the modern concept of Patriotism.
  2. Explain how the actions of Benjamin Franklin in France combined with current French thought and economics led to France being America’s ally in the Revolutionary war.
  3. Hypocrisy in freedom- A study on the slave owning politicians of early America.

On the Early United States

  1. In what ways did the Articles of Confederation fail to provide a well-rounded government?
  2. Discuss the life of Alexander Hamilton and how it led him to grant more power to the federal government.
  3. What effect did the Jay Treaty have on Americans and why did they respond in that way?

On the Civil War and Reconstruction

  1. Discuss the impact of social reform movements on minority groups and how they gave them a voice in politics.
  2. How did political agendas in the North and South affect the way schools were taught?

On Expansion

  1. Discuss the lives of important Wild West women and how they impacted the expansion of the United States into western territories.

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