How To Choose Winning Dissertation Topics About Mental Health?

Mental health is a serious and compelling issue in modern times and sufficient attention needs to be given to the subject since there still exists certain taboos associated with it. A dissertation paper on mental health is a wonderful idea to raise awareness about the subject. However, you must ensure that there is a certain degree of sensitivity associated with your writing style and tone. Be very particular about how you portray mental illnesses and be respectful at all times.

Covering the subjects of overdose and suicide

  • Two of the most important issues pertaining to mental health right now are suicide and drug overdose. However, studies have found that there exists a connection between the two – survivors of overdose are prone to suicidal intents.
  • Though this makes for a fascinating paper, certain ethical safeguards need to be adopted before the primary research can be conducted.
  • You can seek help from group interviews or even conduct face-to-face interviews to collect the data you need.
  • Lots of facts and statistics are available on the Internet for free which can be incorporated into your paper.
  • You might try and understand the extent to which the administered overdoses were realistic attempts to end lives instead of being simple cries for help.

Depression and self-esteem

You can explore the way full-time carers are prone to pressure and becoming resentful due to the burdens placed upon them. They tend to become isolated from society and most of them fail to enjoy access to professional services on a full-time basis. You can choose a more humane perspective to explore just how these carers feel and how to have to make do with measly budgets. You have to investigate the way these carers devote themselves to serving others with mental illnesses but in the process, become overtaxed. You might even offer insights into how you can enhance the working conditions.

Dealing with Body Image Issues

Attempt to understand how people who struggle with their weights have to bear ridicule and contend with social perception on a regular basis. A lot of them respond to such issues by developing the condition known as bulimia nervosa. This is an example of how mental health can hamper the wellbeing of your body on a physical basis.

Divorce and Impact on Children

Another interesting subject for dissertation is presented in the study of long-term psychological effects that a divorce can have on the adult children of divorcees.

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