25 Best Topics You Can Explore In A PhD Dissertation On Marketing

If you want to get a PhD in business marketing, be prepared to write a doctoral project at the end of your studies. Marketing is quite a complex subject that can be explored from different angles. Due to this, you have a unique opportunity to pick an issue you are truly interested in and research it deeply in your work. Look through the following list of topic ideas in several areas of marketing that can successfully be covered in a PhD paper and get inspired to create your own topic.

Marketing Relationships Dissertation Topics

  1. Which of the current loyalty schemes can be considered as the most effective?
  2. How do traditional marketing and relationship marketing schemes coexist in a specific industry?
  3. How are loyalty cards used to improve spending rates?
  4. What factors influence the effectiveness of loyalty card schemes in a specific industry?
  5. What techniques are applied by retailers to keep consumer loyalty on a high level?
  6. Online stores versus regular shops: how do customer loyalty techniques differ?
  7. Branding Dissertation Topics

  8. Can the same brand image be used in different industries?
  9. What is the role of corporate social responsibility in ensuring brand equity?
  10. How do customers perceive a company brand values?
  11. Should famous brands have only high-quality products?
  12. What is the role of innovations in brand creation?
  13. Can the brand image be spoilt by unethical behavior?
  14. Direct Marketing Dissertation Topics

  15. How can customers protect themselves from unethical direct marketing techniques?
  16. Direct marketing online and offline: how long should direct marketing messages be to be effective?
  17. Direct marketing online and offline: what prospecting methods are applied in the fields?
  18. What is the role of toll-free telephone numbers in improving the customer responsiveness during direct sales?
  19. How do direct selling techniques depend on the product type?
  20. How are the appearance and accent of telemarketers perceived by customers and how do these things influence the customer responsiveness?
  21. Short-term versus long-term direct marketing offers: which ones are preferred by customers?
  22. Online Marketing Dissertation Topics

  23. Customizing strategies: what should a company do to customize its products?
  24. What factors influence a customer’s decision to purchase a product?
  25. What should a company do to personalize its products?
  26. What should be done to make a website attractive for both men and women?
  27. How can online and offline shopping features be used equally successfully?
  28. What online marketing schemes are the most effective nowadays and why?

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