8 Features Of A Good PhD Dissertation – A Writing Guide

The dissertation is the essential element of the doctoral program. You cannot receive a PhD unless you have successfully completed and defended a dissertation. Graduate students want to do their very best and produce a dissertation that will successfully pass inspection. Here features of what makes for a good PhD dissertation.

  1. The Topic Is Very Specific. It is not a general theme but rather the topic justifies research into an area that may not be very well known.
  2. There Is a Strong Literature Review. Sufficient research has already been done and the literature review shows a solid foundation from which further inquiry can be launched.
  3. The Language of the Dissertation Itself Is Highly Readable. The author does not rely on technical terms present his or her case. The text is such that even a layman can understand what is being discussed.
  4. The Methodology is Firm. The research in the dissertation follows a logical and valid process to the conclusion.
  5. Facts Are Correct and Presented in a Logical Order. The presentation is objective and proceeds step by step.
  6. The Abstract Is Concise and Understandable. This is sometimes overlooked but it is critical to the dissertation. It tells people what is being written about in the rest of the document.
  7. There Are No Grammatical Errors or Misspelling. Suffice it to say that the text is perfect and easy to read.
  8. The Dissertation Is Properly Formatted. Many dissertations are handed back to the graduate student because the formatting has not been properly observed. Whatever style is required by the guidelines, it has to be evidenced in the dissertation itself.

There is a lot to be done with the dissertation. It can drive any graduate student to distraction, especially one was difficulty in writing. It sometimes helps if a third-party does some of the work such as the formatting or the literature review. There any number of third-party companies that can be of help but is suggested you try this company. You are dealing with professionals who are used to doing various dissertation related activity. You can be assured that all the work is going to be proofread without any punctuation or misspellings. It is up to you to decide what services will be used but this company can provide whatever you need. You find that the fees are extremely reasonable and the turnaround time on any document is quick.

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